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Dear Friend,

Would you like to learn Real Hypnosis from a Master Trainer?

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Sound good?

You’re damn right it does.

Because Hypnosis the Warrior Way is The Most Powerful Tool You Will Ever Have in Your Knowledge Arsenal!

 First, let’s talk about what Hypnosis actually IS.

“Hypnosis” is one of the most misunderstood subjects in modern history.

Let’s get rid of the BS and confusion, okay?

Here’s what Hypnosis really is:

1) The state of Hypnosis is simply the non-critical acceptance of ideas and suggestions into the Subconscious mind.

2) The act of Hypnosis is facilitating access into the subconscious mind to deliver the ideas/suggestions.

There. That’s it.

See how simple it is?

 No Hocus-Pocus, Mumbo-Jumbo, or Mysticism or Esoteric Stuff, and Absolutely Nothing To FEAR!

 And yet as simple as that definition is, if you deeply understand it you will realize that it is full of unlimited power and potential.

You see, the Subconscious mind is what keeps you breathing when you sleep. It’s what makes your mouth water when you “think of a lemon right now”

All behaviors, whether desirable or undesirable, and all outcomes, begin in the Subconscious mind.

Knowing this is vitally important and very powerful.

Read it again:

“All behaviors, whether desirable or undesirable, and all outcomes, begin in the Subconscious Mind.”

The Subconscious mind is your computer that runs your machine (the Conscious Mind and the Body).

It does not think for itself, it simply operates on the commands given to it, just like the computer you are using right now to read this. You type a command and the computer responds.

The man who understands this, and knows how to access his Subconscious Mind and the Subconscious Minds of Others, and put his desired behaviors and outcomes into it, will quite literally have the world at his command.

 Want to be that man?

Then join us at Scott Bolan’s WARRIOR HYPNOSIS Seminar, and you will discover this valuable skill for your self!

So what is Warrior Hypnosis?

Warrior Hypnosis is an advanced and dynamically effective form of Hypnosis developed over decades of research and training.

Scott Bolan describes a Warrior as “one who fights for their own self-mastery”. When we use the term “Warrior” – it means one who has The Edge!

Hypnosis with a Warrior’s Edge means you are more powerful and effective than the typical person who learns textbook the watered-down Hypnosis that is available to the masses.

Warrior Hypnosis is not available to the public. It has secret “anchoring” and “influence” tactics that are potentially worth millions of dollars and are entirely CONFIDENTIAL.

Mental Warfare Secrets (the worldwide bestseller) was based on Warrior Hypnosis, and that powerful skill set (we still get letters on from people jumping for joy who have gotten amazing results with it!) was using only a TINY portion of Warrior Hypnosis.

Just imagine how powerful you’ll be when you learn full Warrior Hypnosis!

Scott only taught Warrior Hypnosis to a few of his Black Belt students and coaching clients in the early 2000’s, and since then he’s kept it under lock and key for his own use and development.

But this August 29-30, 2015 Scott Bolan will be giving the first-ever training and certification in Warrior Hypnosis!

 Admission for this closed-door elite training is only 595.00, and you will discover skills you get to keep forever!

If you feel this is for you, right now is your opportunity. Reserve your spot at this event right now!

And there’s more…

Societal conditioning is another form of Hypnosis.

It’s how “the masses” are led to believe certain things, and live certain ways.

 And I Can Prove It To You!

I’m going to share some Lessons with you Right Now that Scott taught me!

We start with the 2 Essentials. They are:

1) Confidence

2) Congruency

First and foremost is confidence. Believing you can hypnotize others has an amazing magnetic effect on people – belief is contagious, and the more you believe in yourself and your abilities, the more others will too!

It’s funny how it works like that. In fact, many people who don’t believe in themselves are believed in by other people.

Just imagine if they really DID believe in themselves – they’d be UNSTOPPABLE!

That’s why the very FIRST thing you will learn in the very first hour of Warrior Hypnosis – is How To Be Confident At All Times

This one skill alone can change your life FOREVER!

That alone would be worth 10 times the price of admission into this once-in-a-lifetime training event… and that’s just in the first hour!

Now for Congruency: How you stand, sit, speak and carry yourself must be Congruent and natural (natural, not contrived or staged)

Congruency means you “line up” – everything works together.

For example – if you speak confidently but your body language isn’t confident, you are not congruent.

Make Sense?


That’s why Scott will teach you how to be Congruent in every area of your life – so you have Maximum Effectiveness in all that you do

When you speak, do so confidently and not too quickly.

No “ummm’s” and “uhhh’s.”

Think about it, would you want a surgeon performing surgery on you who was nervous and “ummming” and “uhhhhing” and stuttering?

Of course not!

So be congruent and calm in your body language and speech.

Also, lower your voice just slightly.

Have you noticed how newscasters tend to have a slightly lower voice?

This is because a slightly lower voice is more authorative and commanding of attention.

A high-pitched and whiny voice is also transference of emotional control to the listener.

You, as one conducting Hypnosis, must be in control of your own emotions in order to Hypnotize another person.

You, as a Hypnotist, can help a person begin momentum in directions that feel good for them, rather than in harmful directions such as smoking.

Warrior Hypnosis is your “Secret Weapon” for
Hypnotizing others, and yourself!

 Yes, you can do this on your self to program yourself for any desired change or outcome.


Here’s a quick cheat-sheet “hypnosis hack” acronym to carry with you wherever you go for total hypnosis success.

It’s called “RSM” it means Rapport, Sensory Acuity & Mirroring (“RSM”)

In short, get into communication with them and get them to “like” you or feel comfortable with you.

Notice facial expressions, body language and comfort level and adjust accordingly. Mirror their attitudes.

This can be done in SECONDS.

 “Do you mean you can meet a beautiful woman and
have her liking you within SECONDS?!!!”

 Yes, that’s exactly what I mean.

And you can use it for so much more than you ever thought possible – making sales, helping your family and friends, you name it!

You’ll also use “tie-down” commands, such as “sit here” “relax”, “take your coat off”




Getting the idea yet?

You’ll learn everything you need to know, step-by-step, at the Warrior Hypnosis Seminar.

If you “want this power and skill” right now in your life, sign up now!

Just IMAGINE what you can DO with skills like this
that you can take home with you to keep forever!!

Now I’m going to tell you about Hypnotic Commands that Dominate!

Why are some folks so sensitive about words like “dominate”?

The fact is, there are situations where it is perfectly ethical and appropriate to dominate a situation.

– when influencing others for their true benefit

– when protecting someone (including yourself)

– when securing your future

We all know this is true, yet I feel like Scott Bolan is the only guy brave enough to say it and show you exactly how to do it at the Warrior Hypnosis seminar.

While I brace myself for the usual hate-mail from the player-haters and “gossiping housewives” of the Martial Arts and Training worlds :-) ….

Here is some information that will help you become a more powerful person in all that you do…

Sound good?

Okay then.

A “Hypnotic Command” is when you direct someone hypnotically towards a desired outcome.

When giving Hypnotic Commands, one must be congruent – in energy, in body language, in vocal tonality, eye contact and flow.

Now, this doesn’t mean that they won’t work if you’re not totally congruent, sometimes they will anyways.

But they work even better when you yourself are congruent subconsciously (energy, thoughts, will, intentions, emotions, etc) and in your outer manifestations (poise, voice, body language, etc)

Once you have this, you can “intuit” when and where to “strike” with a Hypnotic Command.

Some Commands work best when they are Covert or Subtle. I cannot share these secrets here, but..

You Will Also Learn The COVERT HYPNOSIS SECRETS at the Warrior Hypnosis Seminar!


Other Hypnotic Commands work best when they are Direct. That’s why Scott will teach you ALL of the best Hypnosis secrets at the seminar.

It would take several pages to outline the many Hypnotic Commands here, and many are Confidential and will only be taught at this private seminar. You’ll get them all, plus the “how to” and the way to internalize it instantly so you don’t have to worry about “remembering” it.

Is that fair enough?

Listen. When you have intuited the right moment and energy, a simple direct hypnotic command can have thrilling results!

For example commands such as this can have an instant hypnotic effect:

“Kiss me.”

“Write the check”

“You know you really want to, so go ahead right now”

You’ll Often Find that People Obey You Like Robotic Sheep!

It’s simply amazing what the “direct attack” can do if and when it is applied right.

You can also lead up to it with less significant, but equally compelling commands, such as

“Here’s what I want you to do…”

“Grab a pen and write this down…”

“Here. I want to show you something. Check this out. I want you to hold my hand for a minute. Good, now close your eyes and remember a time when you felt safe and happy…”

These “lead-up” commands establish a control, namely YOUR CONTROL OVER THEM.

When you have them “write this down” – you control their response, and get them writing – as in writing a check!

Indeed, you’re often helping them get what they really want in this situation.

Sometimes people are just too damned self-conscious to say what they really want and just go ahead and do it.

That’s why Bruce Lee said “Self-Consciousness is the greatest hindrance to mankind.”

Thus when you command them to do it, you’re taking the pressure off and letting them have what they really want!

 As you become accustomed to and more familiar with your own personal power and authority, you’ll begin to notice how people are magnetically attracted to you and want to please you more.


This is because they often don’t have the strength of self-determination, so they WANT to be led!

Think about it – ever hear about “the masses?”

Yep, that’s them – just about everybody around you.

The key is to not let your new-found powers go to your head and develop a huge ego.

Warning: If you use this to take unfair advantage of others, it will backfire on you. That’s just the way it works.

But by staying rooted in integrity and principle your power actually multiplies!

If you’re a person who understands this, Warrior Hypnosis is for you.

Those wise enough to attend this event are indeed the elite.

That is the bottom line and the cold hard truth of the matter. It can change your life.

You owe it to yourself now to step up and make a change that will last, and get your hands on skills that can make you UNSTOPPABLE.

Sign up now, alright?

The moment you do, you’ll receive an email with the event location in Las Vegas, some high-quality yet inexpensive hotel suggestions, and everything you need to know!

Steve Richards