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WARNING #1: You are about to discover the secrets of personal transformation, laser-precise changework, success anchoring that really works, psychic influence, and getting what you want.

WARNING #2: If you are mentally ill, a criminal, a pervert, an ego-freak, or if you want to take unfair advantage of others, you are FORBIDDEN to have this material and must read no further.

Dear Friend,

Would you like to discover the most powerful tool for self-mastery and getting what you want from your self, and from others?

If so, this is your golden opportunity to learn powerfully effective Hypnosis from a Master Trainer!

The kind of Hypnosis that is NOT being taught to the masses.

The kind of Hypnosis you can’t find anywhere else.

The kind of Hypnosis that has people following you and wanting to please you.

The Kind of Hypnosis That Makes Your Enemies FEAR YOU

The kind of Hypnosis that has them eating out of your hand

The kind of Hypnosis that can bring lasting change and transform you

The kind of Hypnosis that can only be taught to you by a modern-day ninja for real-world results

The kind of Hypnosis you can use to tap into unlimited power and potential

Sound good?

You’re damn right it does.

Because Hypnosis the Warrior Way is The Most Powerful Tool
You Will Ever Have in Your Knowledge Arsenal!

And now is your chance to discover it for your self.

Listen. I’m going to share a secret with you right now that most of the population does not know:

“All behaviors, whether desirable or undesirable, and all outcomes, begin in the Subconscious Mind”

The Subconscious mind is your computer that runs your machine (your Conscious Mind and your Body).

It does not think for itself, it simply operates on the commands given to it, just like the computer you are using right now to read this. You type a command and the computer responds.

Hypnosis is the specific skill used to access the Subconscious Mind to deliver ideas and suggestions for powerful changes and new behaviors.

The man who understands this, and knows how to access his Subconscious Mind and the Subconscious Minds of Others, and put his desired behaviors and outcomes into it, can quite literally have the world at his command.

Want to be that man?

Then right now now is your opportunity!

So what is Warrior Hypnosis?

Scott Bolan describes a Warrior as “one who fights for their own self-mastery”. When we use the term “Warrior” – it means one who has The Edge!

Hypnosis with a Warrior’s Edge means you can be more powerful and effective than the typical person who learns the textbook watered-down Hypnosis that is available to the masses.

Warrior Hypnosis is not available to the public…

It has secret “anchoring” and “influence”
tactics that are potentially worth millions of
dollars and are entirely CONFIDENTIAL

Mental Warfare Secrets (the worldwide bestseller) was based on Warrior Hypnosis, and that powerful skill set (we still get letters on from people jumping for joy who have gotten amazing results) was using only a TINY portion of Warrior Hypnosis.

Just imagine how powerful it will be to learn full Warrior Hypnosis!

Scott only taught Warrior Hypnosis to a few of his Black Belt students and coaching clients in the early 2000’s, and since then he’s kept it under lock and key for his own use and development.

But this last August, Scott gathered some of his elite Mastery Members and taught them Warrior Hypnosis. Everyone there was transformed, empowered, and LOVED it!

And, get this… he let me film the entire event!!

Now you can get these great skills for your self with this all-new 11 DVD/ 11 CD set. You’ll see the exact “how-to” with questions answered, and you can study at your own pace in the privacy and comfort of your home.

Listen. Have you ever wondered how the Ninja had incredible powers of Self-Mastery and could perform impossible feats?

They did so with MIND MASTERY using Self-Hypnosis…

Warrior Hypnosis shows you the
Ninjutsu Method of Self-Hypnosis!

In Warrior Hypnosis, you will discover for your self….

  • How “the masses” are led to believe certain things, and live certain ways, and how you can influence them like politicians and the media do!
  • How to change any behavior and Empower Yourself
  • How To Align Your Subconscious Mind with Your Conscious Mind so You Move With Power, Poise and Purpose everywhere you go!
  • Mastering All 8 Senses for Life DOMINANCE. Yes, there are 8, not 6…

Only the Shinobi and Samurai knew of the 8th and how to use it for Battlefield Victory and Tactical Mastery… just imagine how YOU can use this in your personal life!

  • How to Destroy FEAR like Bruce Lee and get it out of your life for good!
  • How to make Success an unconscious HABIT – so you do it all the time without even trying
  • The 3 Laws of Self Mastery (this is MUST-KNOW!)
  • Covert Hypnotic Suggestions!
  • Secret Influence Techniques that work like MAGIC! (“magic” is a word people use to describe something they don’t understand – with Warrior Hypnosis, you can understand it as a personal skill!)
  • The Secret of CONFIDENCE and CONGRUENCY (your life will never be the same when you learn this)
  • Magnetic and Covert Inductions of Mind Warriors
  • How To HELP OTHERS Feel Good and Do Good for Themselves!
  • The EASY 6-Step Self-Hypnosis Formula
  • How to program yourself for any desired change or outcome… the Ninja Way
  • How to have MAXIMUM EFFECTIVENESS in all that you do
  • How to CHANGE EMOTIONAL HABITS and install ones that only empower you

…. and so much more, I could write an entire encyclopedia of all that you get!

The bottom line is, you will learn more from this than I can describe here, and you’ll be jumping for joy and feeling like you can walk through walls.

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One of the FIRST things you will learn in Warrior Hypnosis is
How To Be Confident At All Times

This one skill alone can change your life FOREVER


Here’s a quick cheat-sheet “hypnosis hack” acronym I’m going to share with you RIGHT NOW!

It’s called “RSM” it means Rapport, Sensory Acuity & Mirroring (“RSM”)

In short, use small talk and a kind voice to get them to “like” you or feel comfortable with you.

Notice facial expressions, body language and comfort level and adjust accordingly. Mirror their attitudes.

This can be done in SECONDS.

“Do you mean you can meet a beautiful woman and have her liking you within SECONDS?!!!”

Yes, that’s exactly what I mean.

And you can use it for so much more than you ever thought possible – making sales, helping your family and friends, you name it!

You can also use “tie-down” commands, such as “sit here” “relax”, “take your coat off



Hypnotic Commands.

Getting the idea yet?

When you have intuited the right moment and energy, a simple direct hypnotic command can have thrilling results!

You’ll learn everything you need to know, step-by-step, in the Warrior Hypnosis home study course.

If you “want this power and skill” right now in your life, order now!

Just IMAGINE what you can DO with skills like this that you can take home with you to keep forever.

I should warn you though: as you become more familiar with your own personal power and authority, you may begin to notice how people follow you and want to please you more.

That’s why should order right away.

You get all 11 DVDs and 11 CDs.

Plus if you order right now, you get over 700.00 worth of digital FREE BONUSES!… (limited to the first 50 people who order)

1) The Dragon Mind Control 2011 DVD

Easily worth 1,000.00… or more! Here’s why…

In early 2011, Scott recorded his most powerful secrets of Mind Control “how-to” using Ninja Methods.

It literally gives you the actual “how-to” for Hypnotic Phrasing, The Irresistible Intention Tidal-Wave Technique, and how to have Superior Psychic Influence … and so much more it would take 20 pages just to outline it!

This confidential DVD was never sold and was only given to a select number of clients as a gift.

Now is your chance to get it absolutely FREE

2) The Shadow Warrior DVD

Gives you the actual Mind-Force Secrets of the Ninja, Samurai, and other Warriors that you can use to kick ass in daily life! Gives you amazing elite essential warrior skills that no one has anywhere else!

3) CONFIDENTIAL: The Warrior Hypnosis presentation notes manual

4) CONFIDENTIAL: The Speed Summit 2008 presentation notes manual

5) CONFIDENTIAL: The Martial Power Summit 2011 presentation notes manual

No one ever sees Scott Bolan’s personal presentation notes – they’re a private goldmine – his actual teaching outlines, inspirations, reflections personal codes, formulas and mastery steps. These could easily sell for 100.00 each, you get them FREE.

And, Scott just told me he decided to add another Free Bonus for everyone who orders Warrior Hypnosis…

6) The Recognizing The Enemy Home Study course (2 CDs + Manual. Retailed for 95.00, you get it Free!)

Can you imagine the power you’ll have knowing whenever someone is a potential enemy?

What would that be worth to you over the rest of your lifetime? Think about it right now: During the course of your life, how many times will someone lie to you, energy attack you, manipulate you, be jealous of you, psychically attack you, use you, confuse you, betray you, steal from you, gossip about you, be a negative influence on you? And, what will it cost you?

Wouldn’t it be  better to KNOW who your friends and allies really are, and who the Energy Vampires and enemies REALLY are, and how to STOP THEM COLD?

Absolutely! And that’s what you’ll learn in the Recognizing the Enemy course you get as a FREE Bonus when you Order Warrior Hypnosis Right Now.

7) Advanced Lie Detection (CD)

This rare CD has all the advanced techniques of How To Tell If Someone Is Lying.

If you have Scott’s awesome “how to tell if someone is lying course”, these advanced techniques were not included and will be brand-new for you.

Advanced Lie Detection was only offered briefly many years ago as a special promotion with Black Belt Magazine.

Only a handful of people were lucky enough to get it, and then it was thrown in the vaults. Recently we got a new desk for our office, and when cleaning out the old desk we found this rare CD!

Scott initially said “no” when I asked if we could give it out as a Free Bonus, but I BEGGED him and he finally relented!

Do not miss out on this chance to get these advanced techniques!

Hands down, this is a huge goldmine of Scott Bolan’s most powerful and confidential materials…. and it’s yours absolutely Free when you order.

I’ve done my part and given you all of the information, the rest is up to you. Whatever your decision, I wish you all the best.


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